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Welcome to the website of GreenRock Energy AG.

Born in South Tyrol over 20 years ago as a company for renewable energies - wind, water and solar energy, GreenRock Energy has specialized in photovoltaic installations in Germany since 2016. Our credo: Renewable energies are important and forward-looking. Everyone can and should take advantage of a photovoltaic system. For this reason, we have developed a unique Partner Program to allow everyone to afford a photovoltaic system and enjoy its benefits. Get to know us and our program!

GreenRock Energy

Clean electricity, clear conscience

We are professionals for renewable energies. Since 1999. Our expertise: wind, water and solar energy. In Germany, we have been specializing on large-scale photovoltaic systems since 2016.

Our past is our future: The roots of GreenRock Energy are in South Tyrol. Here people live in harmony with nature and fully aware of their responsibility for the environment. A clean Earth: We work hard to achieve this, which is why we planned and implemented the first renewable projects in South Tyrol in 1999.

At the beginning, these were primarily wind and hydropower stations, which were planned and built in harmony with nature. Soon photovoltaic power stations were added to the portfolio. We quickly succeeded in making investors from all over the world aware of us and convincing them of our ideas. The next step: opening up new markets across Europe.

GreenRock Energy UG was founded in 2016. The goal was to build solid photovoltaic systems in Germany. Already in the first three months 4 MW were being planned, financed and constructed.

In 2017 GreenRock Energy continued to grow and was converted in a GmbH (German limited company) based in Heppenheim in the Bergstrasse. The company has been focusing on agricultural and industrial roofs and was active at national level.

At the end of 2018, the conversion into a German stock corporation was decided and initiated. The company’s headquarters have been in Berlin since December 2018. Today around 50 employees, highly qualified social engineers, project developers, managers and structural engineers work in Bolzano, Udine, Pesaro, Gdansk and Berlin.


Our professionals work for our partners all over Germany.

With the development and implementation of our “Partner Program”, we have created the opportunity for our partners to simplify the process: GreenRock Energy is now planning, financing and building customized photovoltaic systems for farmers, companies, industry, cities and communities that benefit from low-cost and high-quality electricity. The advantages are obvious: On the one hand, clean electricity can be generated, on the other hand, our partners save money thanks to a fixed, affordable electricity price. Maintenance is of course included.


Staying still? Not for us!

The world is constantly evolving. And of course we at GreenRock Energy are already thinking about tomorrow! We regularly adapt our products and services to the needs of the market in order to protect the environment together with our partners with innovative models. For our projects we only use high quality, robust and proven technologies that will continue to work reliably for many years.


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