Energy on the pulse of time: Development of GreenRock Energy AG

GreenRock Energy AG has 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. Our past is our future: the company's roots lie in South Tyrol. People who live here are aware of their responsibility towards the environment. A clean environment is the basis for our actions and that is why we planned and implemented our first renewable projects as early as 1999. In the beginning, these were mainly wind and hydroelectric power plants, which were built harmoniously into the landscape. Soon photovoltaic power plants were also included in the portfolio. From South Tyrol, we were quickly able to convince investors all over the world of our ideas and open up new markets in Europe. In 2016, the current GreenRock Energy was founded as UG. The aim was to build high-quality and solid photovoltaic plants especially in Germany. Already within the first three months 4 MW could be planned, financed and built. In 2017, GreenRock Energy continued to grow and was converted into a limited liability company (German GmbH) with headquarters in Heppenheim. The company focused on roofs used for agricultural and industrial purposes and was active nationwide. At the end of 2018, the transformation into a stock corporation was decided and initiated. Since December 2018, the company's headquarters have been in Berlin. Today, around 50 people work at the locations in Bolzano, Heppenheim and Berlin: engineers, project developers, managers and structural engineers. Our professionals are at work for our partners throughout Germany. With the models "GreenRock Flat" and "S-Plus" options are introduced that allow for decoupling from the EEG. GreenRock Energy now plans, finances and builds custom-tailored photovoltaic systems for farmers, businesses, industry, cities and communities, for anyone who wants to benefit from the low-cost electricity of a high-quality PV system. All partners are personally supervised so that together electricity can be generated cleanly and saved.

The world does not wait - GreenRock does not stop either. We regularly adapt our products and services to the needs of the market to protect the environment with innovative models. For our projects we only use high quality, robust and proven technologies that will continue to work reliably for many years. All components are tailor-made by our teams.