GreenRock Energy develops major projects in Italy

Berlin-based GreenRock Energy AG has acquired surface rights for photovoltaic plants in the order of 200 MW in Lazio and Puglia. A further 100 MW are to be added by the end of August 2019, bringing the total size of the projects to 300 MW. Project planning for the plants in the Berlin office has already begun, so that the plants will be ready for construction in the third quarter of 2020. The plants are projects based on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a long-term power supply contract between GreenRock Energy AG and other parties. Power Purchase Agreements serve to finance the construction and operation of renewable energy facilities. The advantages of a Power Purchase Agreement for players in the energy market are: long-term price security, the possibility to finance investments in new power generation capacity or to reduce the risks associated with the sale and purchase of electricity.

"GreenRock Energy AG has its roots in South Tyrol, where many years ago we implemented the first projects with wind, hydro and photovoltaic power. Today we are returning to Italy," says Martin Kofler, CEO of GreenRock Energy AG.

GreenRock Energy AG is the provider of renewable energy for professionals. The company develops, builds and maintains projects with high quality components on roof areas from 1000 m². With the two services GreenRock Flat and GreenRock S-Plus, companies, farms and families over 20 years of age can benefit from large savings on their electricity bills at no cost to the users: GreenRock Energy AG plans, builds and maintains the systems.

GreenRock Energy AG operates throughout Germany with offices in Berlin, Heppenheim and Bolzano. The merger of globally successful companies from the fields of renewable energy, planning and construction ensures tailor-made project management with only one contact person. Since the company was founded, an international network has been built up, which enables tailor-made and effective energy solutions and at the same time sustainable investment opportunities. GreenRock Energy is therefore also a contact point for investors. Through innovative, risk-adjusted and sustainable asset management, the company always generates above-average returns on invested capital.

The company offers a wide range of services from a single source: consulting, planning and development of PV systems, tailor-made solutions for agriculture, municipalities and companies, operation and maintenance of PV systems, renovation of roofs from 1000 square metres upwards, electricity price security for 20 years.